Black LDS Lives Matter: Part 2 Mormon Doctrine

A black LDS Facebook group called, “Latter-day Saints for Social Justice,” which seems todownload (19)
have gone black now, (no pun intended) prompted my first investigation into black LDS Facebook activity with its lead post or header, posing this question:

Should the Brethren speak out more openly about Social Justice?

The answer to that is: NO.

Why not? “Social Justice” relative to the Black Lives Matter movement, is Newspeak for a quagmire of spirit-sucking, life-draining far-Left social, political, cultural and religious world views that are for the most part download (17)dogmatically and un-negotiably anti-LDS. It’s also millennial code for such a tangled, convoluted litany of self-hating white, ultra-liberal guilt trips so far off the Mormon track that it’s not worth setting out on that path in the first place. In an “ethnic” sense, it’s made up in part by a club driven by black, career, professional race-baiters determined to make a living off playing the victim and defending strawmen of color from the worldwide “white”CUREauthors conspiracy to oppress and deny the “black” race any power or influence at all in any sphere of international culture, industry, politics or society. You will not enlighten those who preach it, and the only possible involvement you can have successfully with it, is to confess your sins, bow down, and download (18)obey the mandates of its ministers.

Really, you retort? How could you say that about “Social Justice?” It sounds so “fair.” So “just.” How could you be against that? Well, believe me, if it were down to just those two words and their common dictionary definitions, I’d be all for
it. But aside from the naïve do-gooders tripping alongside, the central heart of the “Social Censorship-1160x457Justice” crowd wants very little to do with “Justice,” and everything to do with “Social Engineering” and censorship. (In fact, the white on-campus version of the movement is centered around championing extreme interpretations of political correctness that has shut down any pretense at “learning” at the university level any more.)

The current Pope may drewsheneman-wagesbe all for “Social Justice,” whatever that means to him. But he’s a self-confessed communist from a third-world background where his entire political and social experience is centered around poverty, ignorance, political despotism, oppression and corruption. That’s his world-view, that’s all he knows. It
may even be correct throughout the third world. If I lived in Argentina or Bangladesh or Venezuela, his observations might be entirely applicable. But the “socialism” or “workers of the world unite” element of download (12)the movement, the “world peace and prosperity” spiel is but one facet out of the jewel of the movement, held out into the sun at just the right angle to proudly sparkle and distract you from the streaks and weird stuff amalgamated all around it. The movement incorporates factions of gay, or more modernly, LGBT activists, priesthood feminists demanding equal clergy representation for women in LDS and all other clergies, and a host of other fringe social causes. For instance, and not surprisingly, Black images (62)Lives Matter and other American “Social Justice” champions, are claiming that their experience in the United States as a “black community,” in present day context, is exactly that experienced by His Holiness: a miserable subsistence centered around poverty, ignorance, political despotism, oppression, and corruption.

Black Lives Matter and the “Social Justice” movement in the United States (and probably2ab6ccdf78a388a081cb7bdef162b402 everywhere else) literally believe that there is an exact social and moral equivalent between the way the “black community” in America is treated by the “white privileged classes” and the golden age of European colonialism, the aristocracies, monarchies, the slave trade, and at best, the Jim Crow south. They hold that nothing substantial has changed at all for them in the post-Civil Rights Era.


BYU student poll placing Bernie Sanders (avowed socialist) at the top of the poll

The so-called “Social Justice” movement in America that I observe, is often more about revolution, and a cry for heavy-handed, imposed socialism, true, state-owned-everything socialism, “Marxism,” or “Communism,” to be clear about it. And Mormons are buying into it along with everyone else. You can call it “Democratic Socialism,” but again, that’s code for “Just Plain Socialism.” “Social Justice” in this context means taking by force the capital and property of the rich, and giving it to the poor, regardless of the merits of either party’s claim on said wealth and property. The lazy, the stupid, the wasteful, get the same “fair” portion as those who images (34)actually produce, perform, earn, create, manage, and benefit society and culture. You can parse it out all you want into little clauses intended to prove its “fairness,” IE: Just how much money you let a rich guy keep out of “fairness,” or just how much you take from him and give to a layabout because of “fairness,” or just how much in-between those two a real producer, worker, creator should get out of “fairness,” but the bottom line is, it’s all about white-privilege-meme1you and your mob hand-picking winners and losers, arbitrarily defining rewards of merit and awards of payment, through ideological biases, and attempting to manipulate and regulate the economy and marketplace of goods and labor, so that you and your mob are happy with what you’ve gotten out of the “rich,” and you’re personally satisfied that the “rich” have been put in their place.

Now, Glenn Beck-haters in and out of the Mormon church will argue that the “United Order,” or the Book of Mormon as a whole, is a study in the Christian mandate to take care of the poor. That’s the “go-to” argument. They neglect to continue the lesson into just how this was accomplished in either case. CaptureThe easy answer is, voluntarily, and on an individual basis, or as a collective “church” congregational effort. They also never mention that the United Order failed miserably as a human institution, and the official stand of the church is that it would have to be overseen and administered by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself, to work properly and fairly.

Of course, half of my lifetime ago, simple John Burch, cultural isolationist, anti-Communist paranoia would be sound enough argument for most Latter-day Saints to avoid BLM affiliation like the plague. (That of course, and we still had the Civil Rights Movement being depicted as a mixture of Communist plot to overthrow the US images (100)government via race riots, and the whole notion that the “Negro” was a troublesome creature to begin with in any case.) In the modern “enlightened” LDS church, it’s now true that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached through a worldwide organization that functions in many fully socialist, even Communist nations, and all over the “darkest” of Africa, as it used to be termed. It should be noted however, that even Russia and China, the two big “Commie” states have deconstructed images (64)their Marxist model economies and political organization out of necessity, to create sustainable, healthy economies and ensure productivity and wealth in their “workers’ paradise.” African wannabe Communist satellites have descended into permanent tribal warfare, abject poverty and misery, after a bankrupt Soviet Union stopped propping them up. Bernie Sanders is wont to keep citing Denmark as his ideal of “democratic socialism,” but Denmark recently asked him to stop defaming their free-market economy by implying they were socialists.

Denmark Tells Bernie Sanders It’s Had Enough Of His ‘Socialist’ Slurs

The official policy of the church in this country or any other, is to try to stay politically neutral, with the occasional exception of some particularly “moral” questions that arise in images (60)the political forum, such as gay marriage et al. What I hear demanded from BLM and other “Social Justice” groups however, is a governmentally enforced “stick it to the rich” political revolution, straight down a decidedly far Leftist path. I have no deeply held moral or philosophical disagreement in principle with the sentiment of sticking it to the “rich.” I’d be a Kennedy Democrat, conservative-ish blue-collar Democrat, if there really was such a thing any more. It’s just that skewering the “rich” just for the pleasure of it is usually counter-productive, and destroys wealth, the very thing you’re pretending to images (95)guarantee for all.

There’s an academic word for this: Social Darwinism. Another word for it is: Mob Rule. We saw how that went in both the Russian and French revolutions. The average BLM protester of course, knows nothing about either. Suffice it to say, the Russians found out that the “Party” was just a czar who was less fair or productive, that Yuri the tractor mechanic knew nothing about running the tractor factory no matter how loyal he was toimages (48) the “Party,” and the French discovered like the Russians, that the neighborhood busybody was now a local officer with a guillotine, the “people’s” cops, and an army behind him to enforce his petty demands for your compliance with his personal whims. They both discovered that after you kill off or chase out the “rich” and the educated, the professionals, your country is being run by “community organizers” who’s only skill is rallying a mob to go demand food, jobs and images (67)money from “The Man.” But of course, “The Man” is now dead and gone, along with all his loot, food, employment opportunities and goodies.

More specific to the Black Lives Matter emphasis of my admittedly center-right postulating about the merits of “socialism,” is the implicit and sometimes express demand of these movements for “reparations,” and other direct compensation believed to be owed the “black community” in America, due to slavery and “white privilege.” If only on a subtextual level, these concepts are almost universally incorporated into the philosophies of these sorts of groups’Slavery-Reparations membership. Simply put, these folks believe all black Americans are “owed” a living in perpetuity for work their ancestors did in bondage hundreds of years ago. This they contend, is “Social Justice,” and anything short of that is a justification for perpetual riot and retribution. (No I’m not reparations2exaggerating.) This attitude is extended into police relationships under the guise of “Nigga’s got a right…” arguments, which translated means, “you cops have no right to hassle me in any way.” Why? “Nigga’s got a right…” They look upon the police as an unrighteous imposition upon whatever it is they feel like doing at any given time, including robbing, stealing, or killing each other, and this because they are “owed” for generations of slavery and oppression. Some of the more violent and organized factions of this world view have made a point of spelling it out for you far clearer than I could ever invent or fake on my own, so I’ll let them speak for themselves:

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], the National Black FootSoldier Network is a black separatist group that is active in the following states: AL, AR, CA, DC, FL,GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MO, NC, NE, NJ, NY, OH, OK, OR, SC, TN, VA, WA.The National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) identifies white families whose descendants actually owned slaves as “Direct Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparationsreparations Offenders” and calls robberies against them “reparations protests” Based on propaganda posted on their websites, the National Black Foot Soldier Network seems to adhere to belief systems stemming from various extremists groups such as the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Nation of Islam.

The dominant theme in their propaganda is anti-White and anti-Jewish rhetoric, along with a strong hatred of “white Police” and the U.S. military. Their websites display disclaimers stating that the NBFSN does not advocate black on white crime pasc-f4rc2d_t4_d2f2nd_s2lfor violence against white police; however, all of the individuals honored or memorialized on their website have successfully carried out or planned to carry out acts of violence against military personnel or law enforcement officers.

So, when I say the “Social Justice” pond is actually a “quagmire” I mean “quagmire,” and why would the Brethren knowingly wade into this fetid pool of slime?:

ALL WHITES R REPARATIONS OFFENDERS;” Definition Of A Reparations Offender: Direct & Non Direct, Which R You? The pasc-b4w_cr3m2entire “Western world” profited and still reaps benefits from both that slave trade and the concept of white supremacy and the institution of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, the entire white world owes.

The Black Foot Soldier’s Network is one of several like it on the reparations bandwagon. They have absolutely no common sense or moral compass, as self-exposed by their own coded jargon:

Reparations Protest – This phrase essentially refers to the commission of a crime by a black person against a white person. This can refer to rape, torture, murder, assault, assault GBH, attempted murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances and any other sort of violent crime that you can think of – provided the victim is (22)
Generational Race Criminal –  someone who is white – whether their family owned slaves or not. This is usually the reference made when a white person refuses to kiss the ass of the black person attacking them or does not feel that they owe the black population a single damn thing.
Divine Racial Karma – This term was a little harder to ascertain the meaning of because its use was completely mindboggling to me at first. This basically boils down to the blaming of the VICTIM for the crime that was perpetrated against them. For example – white women are to blame for their own rape at the images (73)hands of black men. Whites are to blame for their murders by blacks etc etc etc…
The meaning goes further still to state that they are the victims of this crime not because the criminal was a racist psychopath but because at some point in the distant history (read 400 – 100 years ago) black people were taken as slaves and treated as slaves. In effect the blog’s author tries to justify the blatant malicious and evil actions of blacks against whites as the fault of the victim because they are racist. This assertion of racism is based solely on the images (70)fact that the victims had white skin (is this not racism in itself?? Or has my logic failed me?)
(In one article they actually blame a 12 year old girl that was gang raped and then murdered by 2 black men for what happened. They state that:

“Millions of our people were lured into slavery through the same duplicitous beguile by which brothers Justin and Dante Robinson, unknowingly driven by Divine Racial Karma, led this twelve year old devil to her appointment with this sacred cosmic principle that rewards races according to their generational images (71)deeds to other races,” NBFSN Divine Racial Karma translator Hallowed Yclept reportedly states in  a first network statement about the girls death.

“It is great and terrible that Divine Racial Karma says answer ‘yes’ when you ask yourselves did this so called innocent, twelve year old girl Autumn deserve this.” )

If I really wanted to rabble-rouse, I’d have to note here that Trayvon Martin was involved at least in pretend, with the Black Foot Soldier’s Network and the term “No Limit Nigga,” his Twitter handle, 22cef9b2fa4c22f4d091e8dd002136afwas code for a Black Foot Soldier who was ready to do anything for the cause. My only point here is not to comment on the Trayvon Martin case itself, but to point out that these sentiments have been central to the BLM genesis from the very beginning. If you do not see and hear them in your local Black Lives Matter protests, you Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 11.43.06 PMaren’t listening or looking very hard. The fact remains that the stated purpose of BLM is specifically to defend these selfsame “Black Foot Soldiers,” whether literally part of that religious branch of the black criminal world, or just soaked andkill-whites-cops dripping in the sympathetic putrid essence of a similar world view. Black Lives Matter has openly declared that it exists exclusively to serve the legal needs of memorializing and avenging these black criminals, who at one level or another, act out their belief in the demonic nature of the “white” race, and their divine right to take or inflict anything they desire from it, or upon it.

The LDS church officially proclaims that the Constitution of the United States of America is an inspired document that has been the cornerstone of a divinely appointed government, built by divinely inspired men (and women) in order to prepare the chosen an-appeal-to-lds-voters-17-728land and God’s chosen people of the Restoration for the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth. The physical construction of this kingdom is maintained to be taking place literally at some point, in Daviess County Missouri at a place called Adam Ondi Ahman. This is also billed officially as the site of the Garden of Eden. This American location and all the “whiteness” surrounding it diminishes somewhat the importance of all the Afro-centricness BLM and kindred crusaders would have us accept. All of this WASPY “chosenness” was determined to be Eternal Truth by the load of exclusively “white” guys who restored the church as British Isles, Scandinavian, and other “white European” immigrants. They put an official stamp of blessing on the same Constitution that Black Lives Matter and “Social Justice” advocates will tell you is an irrelevant old document scribbled out in sheer bigotry by a lot of racist, misogynist, slave-holding, rich, greedy old white men in order to enslave and oppress the “black” race while enjoying their “white privilege” in luxury forever, fueled by the broken backs of their slave-powered empire. (No time to parse the bits of “truth” out of that argument at the moment…)images (79)

While the church also believes in honoring, obeying, and sustaining the law under a host of worldwide kings, rulers, and other governments, communist, socialist, democratic and otherwise, the basic assumptions, the central LDS principles of self-reliance, combined with a very specific blessing upon the b909c6f6f361556f8c2e78378b901a79Constitutional principles of American free-enterprise, self-determination and self-government, which cannot be mistaken or misconstrued, leaves us with some serious conflicts relative to any attempt to embrace the so-called “Social Justice” movement, not just on political grounds, but on racial, social, ethical and moral grounds, particularly where this very broad movement blends into the mission statement of Black Lives Matter, which as I say, is almost singularly concentrated in defending the criminal class of the “black community” from alleged police abuse.

12 We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

images (81)Black Lives Matter, like the “Social Justice” movement, is a very large tent in a very 20160522_wadenegative way. There are many good people at least sympathetic or loosely involved with the hearty, wholesome supper going on inside of it. But there is also a whole herd of very smelly camels poking into it, mooching food and wandering about the buffet as well. There are far too many smelly camels to tag them all here. I have listed only a few of the smelliest so far. But I guess there will have to be a third installment to flesh out some of the other doctrinal problems the Latter-day Saint would run into right on the surface of the movement, without digging very deep at all into the crowd running with BLM.

images (89)10 We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.

So far, you may have not been discerning enough, or I may have not really gotten to my point clearly enough, for you to realize that the LDS problem with Black Lives Matter is not a black or white, Left or Right, Republican or Democrat issue in the conventional sense. It is certainly not the case here that I’m simply making a partisan argument from some Glenn Beck/Tea5ee4e633b6f87920e8a795b8406b7680 Party/Conservative Republican point of view. I’m not going to pander to you Lefties by genuflecting with contrast or comparison writing about the KKK or Aryan Nations, the Christian Idententity Movement or the Brotherhood as proof of my journalistic credentials or in some sense of “fairness.” There’s no significant involvement with any of these white supremacist groups in the LDS church and never has been. You as fellow Saints don’t need to be warned about them, you know what to expect from them–with the exception of brother Beck, who’s running dangerously close to a bunch of “evangelical Christians” and other “Christian Nation Movement,” or “Patriot Movement,” folks who rub elbows with the truly dangerous, “Christian Identity Movement” and other white, Anglo-Saxon-based white supremacists. But that’s another lecture I’m planning to give soon.

On this issue of BLM however, there is much truth to be had from the center-right71e6247fc3b13b5c953ee8e55aa81bd8 perspective, though I don’t endorse about half of what the far right has to say about it. I believe the mass population of BLM is sincere, but the “leadership” and the funding of it ranges from those who are out to make a buck, those who are self-deluded “True Believers” of a self-crippling, “black” gospel that’s upside-down and backwards,  and a lot of people black and white, people of all colors, who are simply too stupid for their own good and buy anything proposed in the narrative because it “feels truthy” as pundit Steven Colbert would put it. The center-left, or old-school “liberal” perspective I think is just myopic and selective. It chooses to ignore the evils within, happily relives its liberal heyday where protesting really mattered and was truly “progressive,” because it was about actual Civil Rights issues, and the mainstream Democratic/Liberal base now only cares to see the surface glitter of a charming slogan. What I 87f2bd1f5e9af5f68959d8a47b73e174find unacceptable in an LDS context however, is to shut the mind instantly when one perceives that strange information is coming from an agreed-upon partisan, unacceptable source or a supposedly well known and personally or ideologically adversarial agent or agency. Got that off Fox News? Oh, they just make stuff up. Got that off CNN? Oh, they just make stuff up. Got that from Russia Today? Got that from those Tea Party whackoes? Maddow said that? Ignore it. You should only listen to information from people who already agree with you…”proven” sources. “Reliable” sources. “Acredited” sources (85)

That’s all a load of self-limiting, deliberate ignorance. From an LDS doctrinal stance it’s inexcusable. Even stuff from Alex Jones, the original “911 Truther” is occasionally factual and well reported. The conclusions reached, with Jones, Beck, Fox, CNN, or any other source, is an entirely different matter. Often the basic facts of a case are undeniable, but the spin, the interpretation, the proposed action or perceived causes creating the facts, are sometimes ideologically driven, and in dispassionate, rational examination, are revealed to be just plain crazy and counter to all logic, probability and reason, even self-defeating or deadly.


NY Times Finds Trump Threat to First Amendment, Yet Downplays Anti-Trump Free-Speech Denial in San Jose

First of all, we as Latter-day Saints believe that there is such a thing as an ultimate “Truth.” We go so far as to say that “Truth” does not exist simply because God decrees it to be “True,” but because it exists independently in its own sphere. Over and over again however, I have seen the Black Lives Matter mobs and their leaders demand “Justice,” yet when justice is served, when multiple, deep investigations, when lengthy court trials and hearings do not support their pre-conceived narrative, they refuse to accept the “truth,” or any single piece of evidence leading to it, and contend therefore that there was no “Justice” meted out. What this group is really saying then, is what it really wants, is a cop sent to prison because theydownload (25) have long decided as a mob that the cop is guilty and their poster boy of the day is not the violent criminal or self-defeating idiot the evidence clearly shows him to be, but rather, a fragile martyr and victim of systemic racism.

24 And truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come;

 25 And whatsoever is more or less than this is the spirit of that wicked one who was a liar from the beginning.

Which leads me to the first of a number of very anti-LDS, doctrinal reasons for being wary of entangling yourself with Black Lives Matter or any other “Social Justice” organization as a Latter-day Saint:

Black Lives Matter holds that all police officer-related deaths of black folks, particularly images (84)black young men, (meaning Negro, and almost exclusively African American Negroes,) are essentially due to systemic racism in the police force, and that even if these young black “victims” of police “murder” are indeed violent, ignorant, plain stupid or criminal sociopaths, this is all down to “white privilege,” and the culture of “white oppression” of the “black community” in general.

To be totally honest, this shouldn’t even deserve a comeback after reviewing the last four or five or more big screen, world-shaking national and international trials of the century put up by BLM proponents and attended with riot and mayhem and pillage. Trayvon Martin was a bust. Mike Brown was a bust. Freddie Gray is headed in that Captuppnredirection. [Update, 4 July 2016–a few days ago Caesar Goodson, the black driver accused of the actual “murder” of Freddie Gray, was acquitted of all charges.] Our own Nekima Levy-Pounds the local, Minneapolis NAACP chapter president, BLM cheerleader, and “Social Justice” advocate, is crying in her Chablis at this very moment over the recently returned decision of federal prosecutors not to pursue cee06dd72d8996d899b41a702ca9f1e8a civil rights violation charge against the officers who engaged and terminated her patron saint, Jamar Clark. I shouldn’t have to defend the notion that it’s obvious to all but themselves that their go-to narrative of “white,” systematic, police predation of the “black community” isn’t proving out. What is proving out, is a very clear indication that the “black community” has no universal common sense or civility when it comes to dealing with the police. That, and a giant, sometimes fatal chip on its shoulder.

In a bizarre but predictable turn, our ever-vigilant Nekima Levy-Pounds, who had been a frontliner in demanding that cops be issued body cameras and be forced to use them, spun around on bodycamher own long, vehemently and firmly wall-nailed point in favor of these cameras, when the Minnesota Legislature actually produced a bill to enforce that demand. I heard her but a week ago as of this writing, testifying before the legislature, and in a lengthy Minnesota Public Radio interview, demanding now instead, that this legislation be scrapped until, as she clearly put it on the radio, it could be worded in such a way as to prohibit the use of body camera footage to surveille or prosecute black criminals. In other words, camera evidence could only be used to prosecute or discipline cops. Also, she did not want cops to be able to review the footage to help them fill out a more accurate report of events. And why would she make such a demand do you think? Because as more and more cameras come online, as in all the “poster child” trials so far, imvvvagescamera footage has only served to back up the police version of events, and indict young black criminals. Likewise, as an attorney, she knew that police reports from memory, like any eyewitness recounting of events, were subjective, often contradicted other witnesses at least on minor points, and missed details that she could then use in court to discredit the police version if the audio and visual recording did not completely agree with the written report–and perhaps she could thus even make the claim that the cop or cops involved were “incompetent,” or “lying” or “falsifying” a report over these unavoidable, honest and completely routine discrepancies.

Dayton signs law governing police body cameras and footage

She was not interested in the “Truth.” She was not interested in “black lives.” She was only interested in indicting, suppressing, and taming the police force of Minneapolis and greater Minnesota.

324,000 U.S. Blacks Killed by Blacks In Only 35 Years

But even humoring the validity of blaming “Whitey” for every criminal act committed by the “black community,” we as Latter-day Saints are not believers in the 635914973129134862-65594349_microaggressions everywherefiction that mankind is merely the product of its environment, or even its training and upbringing. The first LDS principle of mortality is the exercise of free-agency. So if “Whitey” is to be blamed for crushing the heart and soul of the “black community,” forcing it to turn evil and violent, there really has to be some overt, brutal suppression of the spirit going on. It should be blatant and obvious. Yet, one still has to wonder why Fredrick Douglass, Rosa Parks, or Dr Martin Luther King didn’t go running around robbing, killing, raping, burning and looting, inasmuch as they actually did experience an obvious, crushing, institutional racism.

 29 Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed candownload (35) be.

 30 All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence.

 31 Behold, here is the agency of man, and here is the download (36)condemnation of man; because that which was from the beginning is plainly manifest unto them, and they receive not the light.

 32 And every man whose spirit receiveth not the light is under condemnation.

Frankly, evidence of this current vaporous, invisible-but-smothering oppression, alleged to be destroying all free agency of the “black community,” has been so thin that instead of showing us even shadowy whisps of it, Black Lives Matter and the “Social Justice” cabal have dumbed-down the concept of “racism,” to a thing so subtle that you might not even notice it unless you watch and listen very closely for “micro-aggressions.”

Yes, the current working definition of “racism,” or “bigotry” or “opresion,” is hearing anything that hurts your feelings, or seeing anything that makes you feel “unsafe,” however seemingly harmless or innocent it may be.

Truth is as truth does, and it’s just possible that all these black men supposedly being shot download (15)by the police are engaged in behavior, often criminal, and usually stupid, that brings a bullet their way all on their own, not even denying a cop who may for the sake of the argument, at least occasionally be every bit the racist BLM claims they all are, the chance to act out his bigotry because he’s got to shoot the fool either way. It’s just possible that African Americans, and blackimages (47) young men in particular, worship a culture, or sub-culture of thuggery, violence, and disrespect for the law. It may be that the entire “black community” itself behaves in a loud, hysterical, counter-productive and non-cooperative manner, quite unlike the typical “white” population generally does in police interactions. Perhaps that’s what explains at least most of any discrepancy between black interactions and white interactions with the police. Perhaps it’s the black population that needs to change its behavior around cops, and learn to cooperate and respect the authority of law enforcement officers. Cops already take courses in being polite, calm, and rational even in the face of shreaking fools. Who’s giving those same lessons to the “black community?”

It isn’t Black Lives Matter.

I hate to keep doing it. I end up reprising it in half the things I write on the subject, but Chris Rock is going to be linked again out of fairness and clarity…

The most inconvenient truth in the organization of Black Lives Matter however, is that if black lives really do matter, it’s not the cops who are shooting black young men. That accounts for something well short of 4% of all shooting deaths in the young black male population. It’s easier to concede my point by admitting, just to humor me, asdownload (12) BLM leaders have actually done repeatedly and openly, that nearly 100% of all violent deaths in the black community are down to black on black perpetrators, or other feats of self-ending, suicidal black bravado and stupidity. BLM has openly confessed this doesn’t matter to them. It’s just about the cops treating the black criminals they deal with on a daily basis with kindness and understanding, and BLM’s insistence that they should never ever kill one their criminal wards no matter what he’s doing at the time or how much risk the cop perceives to be present during his or her interchange with same.

Beyond all the above, next time you’re having a quiet think and maybe a prayer, ask images (86)yourself, Lord: is it just possible that, even entertaining the bold assertion that the police are “trigger happy” around the “black community,” that in this day and age, in the United States of America, outside of a few anachronistic pockets of hillbillies or flatland rednecks in some holler in Bumfork Tennessee, or Farkle Flats Alabama, it has far less to do with “racism,” and far more to do with anjoWTQXI accurate, professional profile of a likely violent perpetrator based upon experience with multiple similar encounters that have consistently led to serious injury or death of the officer or bystanders. Yeah, that’s “profiling,” even “racial” profiling. But it’s good police work and it saves lives. It’s “stereotyping,” but if it’s fair and accurate stereotyping, if it’s correct most of the time, that’s not “racism,” that’s a good guess based upon observed behavior. If that behavior was not predominant in that profiled group, images (91)it would be less than worthless for cops to apply the profile.

Cops don’t have the time to go through your whole life’s experience to scope out your true nature and worth as a human being. They can’t stand there for an hour and politely humor your demandsdownload (27) about what you think your rights are, or how you don’t have to comply with this or that, or can damned well keep your hands in your pockets if you want to. Everything goes into the profile, that cop is assembling in his or her head: race, customs of locality, demeanor, behavior, tone of voice. Everything. Profiling is a shortcut but a necessary one.

Here’s what happens when you don’t profile, when you try to give the suspect the time and comfort he needs to smooth out the encounter. You can tell by the perp’s behavior something is going to go down without any special training at all:

When “profiling” is applied in police work, it’s not’s because of “racism.” It’s because thedownload (29) profile is accurate most of the time.

Young black males and black folk in general are getting shot by cops at a statistically miniscule rate. Particularly compared to black-on-black shootings, there is no “war on young black men,” there is no “epidemic” of cop “executions” in the “black community.” And when young black men do get shot by cops, it’s almost always because they bring it on themselves. And that’s the truth. Most of the time. You may not see it that way. Young black men may not see it that way. But the other great truth to accept, is that you might be too personally ignorant, stupid, bigoted, biased or racist yourself to see it.

Truth exists in its own independent sphere, however you “feel” about it, however much you don’t want it to be true, however hard you try to pretend it isn’t true, or however many third parties, scapegoats, oppressors, social factors, or “systemic” persecutions you try to blame it on.


Bonus videos:


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